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I Believe, Therefore I Speak is based upon the fact that many things that happen in this world are subject to what we believe in our hearts and speak out of our mouths.

It also shows you how you can live the life God intended for every one of us to live; a life of health, wealth, peace, success and righteousness by what we believe and speak in relation to what God has promised us.

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I liked the concept of the entire book. However, I especially loved the chapter “I Believe, Therefore I Pray”. I had never given much attention to praying to God before reading this book. I would pray as if it was a routine. However, after reading this book and knowing how praying to God for everything can change our lives, I am literally sold. It has already started influencing my life in a positive way. I want to pay my utmost gratitude to Pastor Gary for writing this wonderful book for miserable souls like me.

Sarah Jones

Research Analyst

Just totally loved the sequence of this book! From the title, I sighed, having seen another book based on the rambling of God and faith and belief, and whatnot. However, giving it a read made me realize it was not meant to just be published and bring royalties but to clear some concrete conceptions about human nature and how it is linked with God on a more profound level.

Alex Smith


The book unwrapped an entirely new world of powers we possess as mere human beings. We think the powers or superpowers are just for the superheroes, but Pastor Gary made us realize the power we possess as simple beings. And to get access to our powers, we don’t need to go through strenuous methods. Just a constant faith and trust in God is what we require to unlock the strengths God has bestowed upon us.

I highly recommend this book and would want my kids and students to go through it as awareness is what we need the most.

Sophia Carlson


I loved the conceptions laid out in this book. I would hundred percent recommend this book to whoever is going through dark times like I was before reading this book. To them, I would like to share that it is not just another book but a ray of light for the ones who have lost hope.

If you are struggling within yourself for some of the beliefs you had, give this book a read as it will help revitalize all the principles, clearing the qualms and making new grounds for you all at the same time.

Ava Brown


A read worth your time! There are a few books I remember after reading, and this book is definitely one of them. Needless to say, it reminds us how benevolent our God is, and we still have time to turn back to Him and worship Him the way He is to be worshipped. I loved every single part written in this book and wouldn’t refrain from admitting that there were things I didn’t know before reading it. We have a lot more in understanding the relationship with God than we can ever grasp.

I could have given it a six-star rating if the scale had it. This is how much I love this book!

Olivia Anderson

Social activist

Woah! It didn’t take me much longer to get done with this one!

How far are we from Deity’s supremacy, and we never really realize?

I would recommend this book to our youth and would personally gift this one to my son, who is just in college. He is always asking me around about meditation which I couldn’t much guide him about. Thanks to this book for providing me with the long-lost answers we all have in our heads but fail to acknowledge them.

Abraham Miller


I would like to congratulate the author of this book for putting down the concepts of the power each human being possesses in themselves. No one could have pulled this out more beautifully as Pastor Gary has done. Regardless to say, this is highly influencing, and the conceptions laid out in this book are quite promising.

What I loved the most about this book is along with evangelization of the upright virtues, it highlighted the tongue which is so powerful and influential upon the rest of our bodies. We often go around speaking things that pierce through others’ souls; this is how indecent we have become now. Pastor Gary, in his book, has brought light upon this subject and how the words of one being can darn or break the other one.

Hats off once again to the author for coming up with such a brilliant collection of ideas!

John Wilson


Firstly, I am happy to read such positivity hemmed in one book.

Secondly, I would like to appreciate this book’s different yet interesting perspective, which definitely makes it stand out from the rest of the book on Christianity. Pastor Gary not only talked about the entity of God but provided the readers with the strengths they have buried inside of them.

The thing that scares most humans is confession. No doubt it, we fear it being the most impossible of task but once done, makes a lot of things easy letting our hearts loose the strain it has been keeping so long. This book teaches how faith provides substance to hope if one confesses their hope.

I am looking forward to more books from this cherished author!

Noah Williams

Church Service Worker

What an amazing book I have to say! I received it as a gift from my comrade on my birthday. I took some time to actually settle down and read it, given the hectic schedule at work. Undoubtedly, the never-ending work has made all of us quite distant from ourselves, and we hardly make time to ever reach out to ourselves. Such was the case with me, but this book just provided me with the necessary console I required and gave me the platform to think upon my life.

As Pastor Gary says that God does not want us to serve our life aimlessly and rather requires us to understand the actual meaning of life, it made me realize how lost we are and strayed so far from the track. This book actually helped me recognize my true identity and where I was standing in this life.

Not every book helps you out this way, or does it?

Hannah Robert

Financial Manager

I Believe, Therefore I Speak addresses the importance of paying attention to the words that come out of the mouth because it will determine whether you will experience life or death in your life. The words that come out of your mouth determine the direction of your life, whether you want to go in that direction or not. So, it is vitally important that you pay attention to the words that come out of your mouth.

The book also addresses the fact that the words you speak operate according to the law of sowing and reaping; whatever seed you sow into the ground, whatever fruit that is in that seed, that is what you will reap. Words are seeds, and every word has its own fruit; it will bring forth the fruit of death, life, failure or success. Your words are so important because the words that you speak are from the heart, it is what you believe, and the Bible says that what you speak and believe you will have, is a law. In this book, I explain this law and how it works against you, but more importantly, how you can use it to work for you to live the life God intended for you to live in peace, health, wealth, love, faith, and righteousness. This book shows how to use the speaking of the promises of God, the believing of the promises of God, the meditating of the promises of God, and the praying of the promises of God to live in health, wealth, success and peace, as well as how to overcome the fears that come to prevent you from living in health, wealth, success and peace through persistence and faith.

About the Author

Gary Mwentin Hibbert is an international speaker, a mentor, and an activist for social, economic, and judicial justice. He has moved others through his inspiring speeches for more than 25 years. From taking the stage at churches, high schools, and college campuses to prisons, economic seminars, and social and political forums, he has addressed an audience of all ages and backgrounds. Interestingly, he has also addressed audiences in Canada, the USA, Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa.

Gary’s passion is to empower people to live more productive lives by teaching them how to use the power of their faith and words to create the life they desire through meditation and confession of the word of God. He has taught thousands of people how to use these techniques successfully in their own lives.

Gary Mwentin Hibbert is a man on a mission. He and his wife, Shelley Hibbert, oversee Faith Is Our Victory Now Ministries, which aims to help oppressed people everywhere. Their mission is to help those suffering from oppression and poverty find hope in Christ. They are passionate about alleviating poverty and inequality through education. Their vision is to see every child receive an education so they can become leaders who contribute to society and help their families thrive.

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